Friday, January 04, 2008

first sweater ever!

so i finished this bad boy just after labor day. i know, at least i'm sharing now.

ribby cardi by bonne marie

mission falls cotton - in graphite and lilac

this sweater, i tried but... ugh. well. the body of this sweater is just too large. as in, i could be 6 months pregnant and no one would know. :( it seems to fit ok until it stretches out (100% cotton). and the sleeves, that i made long, are still not quite long enough. meh.

however considering it's my very first sweater ever, i guess it turned out well. i'm just bummed, i love this pattern. the sleeve area does fit well so i wonder if i just do some waist shaping if i made this again? and make the sleeve longer as well...

i am proud of the finishing skills that i gained in this sweater. and it looks nice. i even put in a zipper! (thank you!)

ravelry details for those in the know

nice raglan seam!

back view

side view

it's done!

shoulder detail

in action!

knit knit knit

collar detail

zippery goodness


outdoor pics taken by ron while we were up in two harbors on vacation (i finished it up there, though the zipper wasn't installed for a few more weeks)

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Diane said...

Wow. Love how your sweater turned out. Looks great on. I beat you are bursting from the seams. Great Photo shoot also!!