Tuesday, September 27, 2005

two years of wedded bliss!

and he even goes with me to the yarn store (sometimes), am i the luckiest girl ever or what?

wedding pic or two... and some of us through the years.

cori and ron wedding

artsy cori and ron wedding pic

cori and ron engagement pic

cori and ron

cori and ron

cori and ron in front of split rock!

awww... we are so cute. :) i love you honey!

so then, knitting, this is a knitting blog, right? here's what i have been up to...

the beginnings of kiri

this is kiri. it's further than this, i'm done with two repeats of the second part of the pattern, but this is my most recent pic.

crack silk haze = my new best friend. damn you harlot! oh wait, did you know?


i'm a little excited. :)

oh, and i do have one FO to show you, and one very soon to be FO. i haven't had time to get pictures taken yet so i'll show you all tomorrow! one should be easyish to figure out, the other is a surprise project i haven't even mentioned! sneaky me!

and thank you all for the nice comments and touching e-mails that you have left about my last post. strangers on the internet, yet very nice people i consider my friends.

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eyeleen said...

Happy Anniversary! Lovely pictures of the two of you.

Beautiful color for your Kiri.