Sunday, October 23, 2005

my stash!

I've been meaning to do this post for quite awhile, back when I was home recovering from surgery. Oh well.

So this is my stash, most of it anyway. I do have a little more, but it's crap yarn and not worth posting about.

Welcome to my stash!

This is Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, earmarked for a Ribby Cardi. The lilac will be the lower edge of the sleeves and body, the graphite everything else. 21 balls total, 4 lilac and 17 graphite.
mission falls 1824 cotton - 21 balls (4 lilac/17 graphite)

This is Regia Stretch, my mom bought it for me while she and my sister were in Austria. I have one completed (but too big) sock, and one sock a few inches in. Two balls total.
regia stretch - 2 'balls'

This is 3 hanks of recycled silk sari yarn from Himilayan Yarn Co. My mom bought these for me to make her a modified unbiased bag. I plan on doing this soon...
recycled silk sari yarn - 3 hanks

This is one hank of recycled silk sari yarn for me to fix my modified unbiased bag (see issue here...)
recycled silk sari yarn - 1 hank

This is some Rowan Cashsoft DK, 2 balls. Ankle socks maybe?
rowan cashsoft DK - 2 balls

Leftovers from mom's trellis shawl. No idea...
TLC cotton plus - just short of 2 skeins

Leftovers from my knockoff shawl... 2 1/2 balls. No idea. (and this shawl grows every time I wear it by the way... it's now almost as long as the other one was when I frogged it... I am ignoring it for now)
lana grossa riso - 2 1/2 balls

Acryllic yarn from Target! 2 skeins.
2 balls of acryllic yarn from target!

This is the leftovers from my kid silk crack spiral scarf that I made. I have however frogged it and now have one full ball of each of these yarns. The white is kid silk night, the purple is kid silk spray.
kid silk crack - 2 half balls

Leftovers from my felted tote. I have since used these to make a mini sophie for my friend's 3 year old.
leftovers from my felted tote

This was my original chickami. Wasn't the right yarn. Now I have 3 balls worth. Hmm.. Rowan handknit cotton in pink.
rowan hand knit cotton

8 balls of Cotton Ease. 6 purple, 2 white, one light blue, one yellow and one teal (the one white, yellow and teal are not pictured). Not sure, was for a kyoto from knitty, now maybe a baby blanket???
cotton ease - 8 balls

My ripped one skein wonder. Maybe a scarf?
lana grossa point - 1 ball and some

Next up, my sockyarn!

ipod cozy?
sock yarn

Leftovers from my mom's birthday socks... The woman swore I would need two hanks... Uh huh.
gems opal merino - 1 'hank'

Socks for my hubby.
sock yarn for my hubby

Socks for ?
sock yarn!

Cherry Tree Hill supersport - 1 hank
cherry tree hill super sport - 1 hank

Cherry Tree Hill super sock - 1 hank. (Anyone know the difference between super sock and super sport? The super sock has MUCH more yardage...)
cherry tree hill super sock - 1 hank

and now for my koigu...

This is the 'gu I am making my weeping willow shawl out of. Going along well.
8 hanks of koigu - weeping willow shawl

This is 4 hanks of koigu and 3 balls of Rowan 4 ply soft, for my shadow shawl.
koigu - 4 hanks & rowan 4 ply - 3 balls

5 hanks for koigu for my perfect pie shawl.
koigu - greens - 5 hanks

More koigu, not sure.

What I recovered from my frogged lace poncho...
more koigu!

And this, lastly, is the koigu I will probably never use. My first koigu, my hubby bought it for me for Christmas last year. It's so pretty nothing is ever good enough for it.
koigu - 3 hanks

And that's my stash! Mostly accounted for... :) I'm not into SABLE, so I better start knitting!


noricum said...

Great stash!

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Excellent stash!