Wednesday, October 26, 2005

shawls are getting boring...

I’m getting bored…. Bored of my shawls… I have had others as you know. I did finish my knockoff shawl (which has grown so much it’s now almost unwearable…), I finished my mom’s trellis shawl, I whipped up a mini sophie (that does need to be felted before Friday as the birthday party is Saturday…) for an adorable 3 year old, and I’m working on legwarmers for grandma… I may have even secretely started a pair of ankle socks out of Rowan Cashsoft using Alison’s pattern.

But that’s not what I mean. I’m getting bored of them. Why aren’t they finished yet? I realize that my weeping willow shawl is chart intensive so I can’t bring it with me anywhere. I also realize that I am ALMOST done with the 2nd part of it which leaves only the last diamond part left… I am on row 138 of 182, so that’s good. (I am currently in denial that once it’s done, I do have the knitted on lace edge to do as well. While I do plan on doing it, I refuse to think about it yet…). but I started this thing so long ago! WAY back on august 11th. Granted I was still recovering from surgery, so I wasn’t kicking ass on it or anything. And my kiri, well my kiri was started in mid September, I think the 20th. Just before I went to see the Harlot. So I’ve only been working on that one for a little over a month. I just finished my 8th repeat today, so I’m on row… 103. 4 more repeats to go, then the edging and I’m DONE.

Maybe my mistake is two lace shawls at once.

My shadow shawl is calling my name. as is my ribby cardi. And SO MANY other projects. Soon… soon…

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