Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i'm alive!

hello, i'm the girl that doesn't post.

i thought i was getting no where on my shawls, so i have had no incentive to post. however it's not true, my shawls are coming along nicely! my weeping willow is on it's last set of diamonds. i have 18 rows left, then the knitted edge and i'm done! i can see the light! and my kiri, not being ignored either. now this is my bus project people, i knit kid mohair and silk lace on the bus. i'm on repeat ELEVEN of my kiri. this leaves one more repeat and the edge and then i'll be done with that one too! yea!

progress pics to come soon. i saw on someone else's blog that the daylight savings time sucks as you can't take natural light pics of your knits in progress because you come home and it's pitch black. i agree, it sucks. but i'll take some soon.

but the real reason i'm writing is to tell you all of how wonderful my husband is. he bought me THIS! he is the best hubby EVAH! thank you honey!

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