Tuesday, March 14, 2006

blah blah and more blah

sorry my posts have been suck lately. or just non existant. i'm tired. my brain is mush. and we've been busy.

i went back to work last friday and was busy last week out running around to make sure that i was up to going back to work. i'm happy to be back at work, however i have alot to do and my brain is mush. i have heard that your concentration/brainpower goes down for a few weeks after surgery due to the effects of anesthesia. add to that my pregtard brain, and just the fact that i was out for 4 weeks and you can imagine how things are going. i'm getting there. i was at work late last night and tonight, i just want to catch up before i'm out again!

oh, and then it snowed like a billion inches yesterday. at least you would think so with the mess it left here. granted it was 7-12 inches or close to it. i missed the news and the internet that said avoid anything that isn't emergency travel or else i would have just stayed home and not even tried. instead i listened to the radio which said nothing of the sort and prepared myself for the trek in. i ride the bus to work, so i park a mile or two from home, sit on the bus and knit for 20 minutes and i'm there. however yesterday as i drove to the bus stop i could barely see. it was almost a white out. it was terrifying. got to the bus stop and there were people waiting. this normally makes me happy, this means i can sit in my car and stay warm and the bus will stop since it sees the people and i have time to run over as it stops for them and i'm barely outside. yea! however with the crappy conditions i couldn't see so i came out when i thought i saw the bus, and it turns out it wasn't the bus. i got to the 'shelter' (those things are only marginally sheltering you from anything) and said, 'Hi, how long have you guys been here?". one guy said quite unhappily, "55 minutes". now this bus is supposed to come every 8-10 minutes during this time. one guy left almost immediately, started brushing off his truck, i guess to drive to work. the 55 minute guy left a minute later, i think he got a ride with the truck guy. i wasn't up for freezing myself OR anouk and refused to sit and wait for the bus, so i looked at the two ladies left and said, "who wants a ride downtown? i'm stopping at burger king too!". the one was game immediately, the other needed to be talked into it but came along.

it took us an HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES to get downtown to the parking garage closest to my work. this is SIX miles people. it was terrible. the visibility did come up in the few minutes i was waiting for the bus so at least we could see, if it had been a white out like it was when i was driving to the bus stop i would have driven home. by the time i went home at 5:45 the roads were mostly cleared and they were EMPTY. it was creepy, but i didn't mind that much. 20 minutes to drive home, which isn't that bad. crazy.

anyway. so i'm tired.

plus this little one, apparently she grew while i sat at home on the couch. i did notice that things were bigger (i.e. i have a tummy now!!!) but in my work clothes i'm alot bigger! not only that, i've grown out of some of them, and they were maternity pants. :( work pants for me are not cheap, i work in a mostly professional dress environment so as much as i'd love to wear track pants for the next 3-4 months i can't. i've already spent well over $100 on three pairs of maternity work pants and now it seems i need more. meh. don't get me wrong, i'm thrilled that she is doing well and from all indications is healthy and happy and a happy, healthy baby is worth just about anything. however i would really like to spend money that will need to work pants on much needed baby stuff. oh well. i'm just hormonal and venting.

speaking of that little one, we registred this weekend. check it out if you are intrigued/bored/etc. let me know if i'm missing something major or if we registered for something that is pointless, etc. my mom did daycare my entire life so i know kids, but we've never had one of our own! :) (we do have a few duplicates and those will be taken care of shortly!)

cori and ron's target baby registry
cori and ron's babies 'r us registry

anyway... knitting. i knit sometimes, yup. working on the shadow shawl on the bus, hubby's socks at home, baby blanket and other stuff. did i mention i found some gems merino for my hubby's sock heels and toes? i did, at a LYS borealis yarn. they have a great selection of solid gems sock yarns, i need to remember that for the future. it is where i got the solid purple yarn for my mom's birthday socks. so anyway, i'm trying that out and hoping that i have enough socks that rock for the rest of the sock...

that's me for now. i'll try to post some more knitting content soon. but for now i'll pawn off some more pics of little anouk! ultrasound pics! we had a free 3D ultrasound a week and a half ago, but our little booger didn't want us to see her face! she was either smashing it into the placenta or had her hands in front of it. at least we got a 3rd and 4th confirmation that it's a girl! good enough for us.

the girly parts!
the girl parts!

hiding her face behind her hands
you cannot see me, i hide my face with my hands!

face in the placenta
now she is smashing her face into the placenta so we can't see it

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Inky said...

Clearly she's not ready for her close-up, Mr. DeVille!! Or you are having your very own Greta Garbo :)

Either way, the parts she shows are lovely indeed and so glad to hear you are doing well.

I still have a special package for you and hope to get off my arse soon to send it!