Sunday, March 26, 2006

lamest post ever...

hey, so i guess i have a blog?

sorry. crazy busy stressful week at work, SIL staying with us sun, tues-thurs and not enough sleep with no naps = a not very fun cori.

i have been working on my shadow shawl and ron's socks.

my shadow shawl is going nicely on the addi turbo 6s. yea! almost about as far as i was on the denise 6s. i'm halfway through the 4th set of shadow stripes.

ron's socks are going mostly well. i'm done with the heels and the gussets and now i'm going along on the foot. i have about 2 inches to go before i start the toes. yea!

my sockapaloooza socks are... on the table next to me. i haven't touched them in a while. i do plan on picking up on them very soon. i do realize that may 1st is coming up soon. very soon. gah! luckily they were going fast back when i was knitting on them.

baby anouk is still doing well. has her active and non active periods. likes to bop bop bop. which makes me happy. end of june is coming up fast! coworkers/friends who were ahead of us have now had their babies! we're next! pinwheel blanket has not been started yet. i'm very much wanting to start it, but want to finish ron's socks and my sockpal socks first. i should get knitting!

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